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Serving Harford, Baltimore
and Cecil Counties

24/7 Emergency Tree Service:

Lot Clearing, Land Excavation, Grading, Etc.

Large Backhoe Clearing Land for DevelopmentGrowth is usually the goal when it comes to land and vegetation. However, too much growth can become overwhelming and make your property look unkept and neglected. If you’ve just purchased this property or spent some time away, it’s likely that you require services that will help uncover the natural beauty of the landscape. We offer lot clearing, land excavation, grading services.

East Coast Property Services provides lot clearing, field mowing, deadwood removal, and brush removal services. Any of these, or a combination from our suite may be just what your property needs to extend the amount of usable space outside of your home or commercial space. Once we get the land clear, we can move forward to designing and installing a landscape design that reveals and highlights the natural beauty of your property.

In addition to these services, we are also equipped to provide lot grading and land excavation. The proper base does more than just provide a level platform on which to design, but it goes a long way toward facilitating effective water drainage to reduce erosion and moisture damage in your home or commercial building.

Uncover the full potential of your property with a call to East Coast Property Services at 410-948-9223. Contact us today!