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Serving Harford, Baltimore
and Cecil Counties

24/7 Emergency Tree Service:

Emergency 24/7 Tree Service

Close-up of Arborist Using Chainsaw to Cut Log of WoodMother Nature and the weather have minds of their own. As much as we try to prepare our homes and properties for impending weather events, there isn’t much we can do once the winds start to blow. In these circumstances and others beyond your control, you need access to emergency 24/7 tree service.

East Coast Property Services provides around-the-clock emergency tree services, which include tree removal, pruning, thinning, and stump grinding.

Once you look out on your property and examine the tree storm damage, just give us a call and we’ll send a team directly to your property to assess and respond to the unique needs of the situation.

In some cases, the damage has yet to occur, but you’ve examined some areas of concern that require immediate attention. Our expertise in emergency tree services will allow us to utilize the appropriate techniques to resolve any critical issue.

Calm your concerns with a quick call to East Coast Property Services at 410-948-9223. Contact Us Today!