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Serving Harford, Baltimore
and Cecil Counties

24/7 Emergency Tree Service:

Tree Planting & Landscaping

A Path Leading Through a GardenWe see a clear landscape as an opportunity to tell a story, using trees, plants, and shrubs as our main characters. Whether you’re starting with a clear landscape or if we’ve just removed some injured or decaying trees or shrubs from your property, we’ll help you create a natural design that is both welcoming and beautiful.Our tree planting services create dimension and a new beginning for your landscape.

We’ll assess your property to highlight and locate the perfect positions for your new trees and shrubs. Imagine the experience of watching your landscape grow around you as your family grows or as your business expands.

We also provide tree transplanting services, which takes a tree from an established location and transports it to your property for installation. Our expert process will ensure that the tree remains protected and secure during transit. You’ll benefit from shade, reduced erosion, cleaner air, and countless other benefits.

Think of shrubs as nature’s fence. They are a perfect way to highlight the boundaries of your property without actually installing a fence. Make your landscape a distinctive part of your property by highlighting its natural form with shrubs.

Let’s start working from the ground up. Call East Coast Property Services for your tree planting and transplanting needs. If shrubs are on your list, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at 410-948-9223 or Contact us